Women Bridging the Gap

--- Alexandra D'Italia & Lenya Wilson ---

Welcome to Women Bridging the Gap, a free-wheeling, conversation podcast co-hosted by Lenya Wilson, a Black woman and Alexandra D’Italia, a white woman. Eavesdrop on our conversation while we discuss race and womanhood at the hearth level. We began this podcast in response to the murder of George Floyd, Amy Cooper’s weaponization of her white femininity, and the subsequent uprising. We believe that honesty, openness, and love can bridge the gap between people of color and white people. So let’s just call it what it is—what do Black women need to say to white women? What do we all face together? What do we need to own? Where and how do we show compassion? How do we move forward together? Yet this podcast is not all about race. Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zs—what can we learn from one another? We want to explore what womanhood means in today’s world. We want to embrace all our contradictions and still move forward. We realize we’re two cisgendered women talking—and we hope to include LGBTQ voices in the future. You are part of this conversation too. We want to include all People of Color. Your voices all matter. And, sometimes, we just want to talk about our graying hair and living in a youth-oriented society. We’re good friends, and we hope to share our journey and our evolution with you. We’re passionate, loud, funny, non-judgmental, and opinionated. We are feminists. We believe in abundance. We’re not journalists, but we’re open about our experiences and eager to learn from others. We want to empower ourselves and others. Did we say we were loud? We want you to be in on our conversation—and help us move forward one conversation at a time.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Life and Dogs and Social Media

    After a fantastic update on Lenya’s current lift training status, Alexandra and Lenya open up about the dogs they’ve raised, where they got them, what they asked for to get them, and how they lived their lives.    But as these things go, the conversation turned to race, ...


  2. Home and Away: Racism in Home-buying and Travel

    What’s up with Black families being blamed for lowering property values? Lenya took a stroll in a nice Black neighborhood, so she and Alexandra discussed why she would and wouldn’t move out of her nice white neighborhood. Also, Lenya talks about what Black people have to do to ...


  3. Sisterhood

    Lenya and Alex go deep into “what is sisterhood?”    Alexandra explains how she has no more time for insecure people. Lenya feels empowered and happy when she sees a woman out in her workout catsuit. Together they debate and discuss to get to what sisterhood really means.   ...


  4. Kids and Capitalism with Brendan Hutchins

    Producer of the show Brendan Hutchins is back to talk about getting his vasectomy reversed, having babies in this current state of the world, and just an update on what's going on in his world.   Very quickly the topic turns to capitalism, as it often does, and ...


  5. Ignore The Comments

    Go anywhere on any social media platform, you’re going to find trolls, people who want to argue, and spew hate, and worse. What are you supposed to do with all that hate? You’re just trying to post a cute photo, or find out about local politics, or dancing ...