Episode 5

August 12, 2020


Interview of Alexandra D'Italia

Interview of Alexandra D'Italia
Women Bridging the Gap
Interview of Alexandra D'Italia

Aug 12 2020 | 00:35:17


Show Notes

Alexandra takes the hot seat while Lenya asks all about her past, where she grew up, her parent’s careers and how they met, and her undying passion for art. Explore the neighborhoods of New York and San Fransisco, hear the story of how Alexandra’s father made the news as a judge, and listen about her quitting a civil law firm when she still had $75,000 in student debt. Also, there’s a great movie idea, ripe for the licensing. Take notice of some fascinating overlaps between these two women’s lives, even with such a Black and white contrast between them. Be sure to return next week when Alexandra and Lenya switch roles, and Lenya discusses her background and upbringing. -- Please **rate and review** this podcast if you enjoyed it; they greatly helps new listeners see this podcast is worth their time. You can find Women Bridging the Gap on [Apple Podcasts](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/women-bridging-the-gap/id1521503012) and [Podchaser](https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/women-bridging-the-gap-1304390). **We want to hear from you!** Let us know how you’re speaking about these issues with your friends. **Let us know what topics you want to hear!** Email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) You can find us at: [WomenBridgingtheGap.com](https://womenbridgingthegap.com) You can find Lenya at: Instagram - [@Lenya_ goddess_ that_bitch](https://www.instagram.com/lenya_goddess_that_bitch) You can find Alexandra at: Instagram - [@a_xandra17](https://www.instagram.com/a_xandra17) and [@thewritingleap](https://www.instagram.com/thewritingleap) This podcast was edited by Brendan Hutchins from Podcast Advocate. Go to [PodcastAdvocate.Network](http://PodcastAdvocate.Network) or find him on [Twitter @PodcastAdvocate](https://twitter.com/podcastadvocate) to learn more.

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