Episode 26

February 24, 2021


Black History Month

Black History Month
Women Bridging the Gap
Black History Month

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It’s Black History Month! So Alexandra and Lenya check in about how they’re feeling and what they’re doing for Black History Month. They both have a selection of movies and shows they’ve been watching lately, and they both have opinions on Black History Month itself. Lenya and Alexandra also check in on how they’ve had to cope with the COVID-19 lockdowns over the year, changing their workout routines and more. Plus a deeper dive into the colorism and racism of Bridgerton on Netflix. Our episodes now include a computer generated transcript. Visit https://womenbridgingthegap.podiant.co/e/black-history-month-3954499652012c/ to check it out and follow along. Links: [12 Years A Slave](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2024544/) [Ma Rainey's Black Bottom](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma_Rainey%27s_Black_Bottom_(film)) [The Long Song](https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/shows/long-song/) [Jet Set Sarah on Women Bridging The Gap podcast](https://womenbridgingthegap.com/interview-with-jet-set-sarah/) [Bridgerton on Netflix](https://www.netflix.com/title/80232398) [Tiny Pretty Things](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiny_Pretty_Things) [The Queen's Gambit](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Queen%27s_Gambit_(miniseries)) [I May Destroy You](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_May_Destroy_You) [Zendaya](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zendaya) [Euphoria](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euphoria_(American_TV_series)) [Malcolm & Marie](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malcolm_%26_Marie) [House ejects Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees over extremist remarks](https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/house-poised-to-eject-marjorie-taylor-greene-from-committees-over-extremist-remarks/2021/02/04/670601e4-6703-11eb-8468-21bc48f07fe5_story.html) [The Wealthy Are Getting More Vaccinations, Even in Poorer Neighborhoods](https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/02/health/white-people-covid-vaccines-minorities.html) [https://myturn.ca.gov](https://myturn.ca.gov) [Formula 1: Drive To Survive](https://www.netflix.com/title/80204890) [Assassin's Creed Odyssey](https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/game/assassins-creed/odyssey) -- Please **rate and review** this podcast if you enjoyed it; reviews greatly help new listeners see this podcast is worth their time. You can find Women Bridging the Gap on [Apple Podcasts](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/women-bridging-the-gap/id1521503012) and [Podchaser](https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/women-bridging-the-gap-1304390). **We want to hear from you!** Let us know how you’re speaking about these issues with your friends. **Let us know what topics you want to hear!** Join the [Facebook Group](https://www.facebook.com/groups/665585734389981) Email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) You can find us at: [WomenBridgingtheGap.com](https://womenbridgingthegap.com) Or on Instagram: * Find Lenya at: [@Lenya_goddess_the_one](https://www.instagram.com/lenya_goddess_the_one) * And Alexandra at: [@a_xandra17](https://www.instagram.com/a_xandra17) and [@thewritingleap](https://www.instagram.com/thewritingleap) * And the show is at: [@women_bridging_the_gap](https://www.instagram.com/women_bridging_the_gap/) This podcast was edited by Brendan Hutchins from Podcast Advocate. Go to [PodcastAdvocate.Network](http://PodcastAdvocate.Network) or find him on [Twitter @PodcastAdvocate](https://twitter.com/podcastadvocate) to learn more.
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ALEXANDRA: having a check-in today. And what's interesting is that Lenya who It's a competitive power lifter, you know, with COVID fell a little bit off the wagon, LENYA: Oh a lot. ALEXANDRA: or I felt a lot off the wagon and what's interesting is that, and part of that's the pandemic cause everything got canceled. And so she just said like this really important thing that really resonated with me because you said I have to find the fun again. LENYA: Yeah. ALEXANDRA: And that's just, what's so incredible about when you're passionate about something. Sometimes you can like really fall out of it and you have to go back and refine the fun because, LENYA: When I really thought about what I wanted to do. Like I had to, I had massive discussions with my food coach and with friends of mine, and I thought about it. And I was like, when was I having the most fun with my training? And it was with my old powerlifting coach. Like the training was a lot of fun. It probably wasn't geared enough towards competition, which is why I I probably, well I needed to get a different coach for that, but I had the most fun training with him and I was the most fit. That's the other thing that I have lost so much fitness. So I went back to him and you know what, I'm having a lot of fun, but see, now I'm making sure I carve time out of my day. I had fell off the wagon on so many things, too. It wasn't just the training was my diet and everything. I gained so much weight. I finally lost everything and I'm back down to like my weight, 13 pounds, ALEXANDRA: Wow. LENYA: 13 pounds. That's a baby. ALEXANDRA: Well, I did gain like a COVID 15 very quickly in the beginning, and that's all gone, but hard to know where I am now because I look in the mirror. And in COVID world, I'm like, I look great and I, you know but I know that if I, when I get in some regular clothes, I'm probably still going to be a little flabby, but I'm working on it slowly, but I'm. I'm hoping once I get my income tax return, there'll be a little bit of cash there that maybe I hire a trainer for a couple of months to really jump start me. Like I'm been working out like three or four times a week, pretty I've been doing well and I'm starting to get back into it, but I can just feel like I'm slower. I want to be pushed. I don't feel there is something for me about doing a house workout that doesn't feel real. I mean, it makes me feel like some middle aged. Like I go to the gym and I feel like I'm pumping, you know, I'm like, you know, in with the big weights and looking in the mirror you know I've always been lucky with kind of being cut on my arms. And so I'm like, Oh look at me. You know? And now I'm like some middle-aged flabby woman, like in my studio, you know, doing like cardio boxing to video, like I'm, I don't know. It's annoying. I do not like the picture I'm painting of myself, LENYA: That's hilarious. I'm never going back to your gym again. I feel like I have made my garage into the Mo the ultimate linear gym studio. ALEXANDRA: I had a room that I could totally make into a studio, but right now, I have my law school professor teaching area, like where I, you know, walk around and teach standing up. And then I have my desk here where I write and do the podcast. I have my art studio, like over in this direction. And then I have a huge mat on my floor right here, which I walk on every day. And that's my gym. It's no, it's close. mean, You know, it's a lot for this room. And then I, you know, there's a guy who lives across the street from me, Eddie. LENYA: Oh, he's the one who works out in the front yard. ALEXANDRA: And his music is so loud, right? And he plays like really loud Donna summer and really loud disco from the seventies. He played the BGS Iran LENYA: Oh my God. ALEXANDRA: a complete weight rack out there. And I just was like, Eddie, wear a fucking mask and I'll come work out with you. Like I will. I mean, we know each other. I, we go to the same. We used to go to the same gym. But he does not wear a mask. So it lasts. I am not walking across the LENYA: So he wouldn't put on a mask just to work out with you. ALEXANDRA: I don't think so. Well, I LENYA: Did you ask, ALEXANDRA: work out with me. LENYA: Oh, ALEXANDRA: an ask. I'm shy. I don't think he wants to go work out with me. LENYA: Why not people like buddies. I wish I had. I mean, if you lived closer, I'd be like, come to my house. I have everything here. I ALEXANDRA: Maybe next time I see him. Could you see me? I mean, I'm sorry. I'm a New Jersey, Italian American, and now I'm going to be working out in the front lawn with some big bald guy who works out shirtless LENYA: Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. ALEXANDRA: and a lot of New Jersey LENYA: That's okay. That's okay. There's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with that. ALEXANDRA: I'm going to start wearing all wear the chains. And I am going to start wearing the sweatpants, like pushed up to my knees. Do you remember that in the LENYA: Oh my God. Yes. Oh my God. ALEXANDRA: You can slap me. Oh God, that was horrible. Yeah. Well, I'm glad you're finding the fun because I have to say that is how. Like I felt with my writing when I was working on these essays, I'm still working on them, but it started getting they're heavy. You know, it's all about the language and during COVID, it just started feeling like work and I laugh. I can make anything seem like work. Like I laugh. I can suck the fun out of anything. Cause I'm so compulsive. So I just started writing this project. I don't really want to talk about, but it is like just fun. I don't know what I'm going to do with it. But I am having so much fun. It's a thousand words a day. I just am able to get out almost a thousand words a day in the morning and I go happy. And it just, I was like, I love writing again. This is so much fun. I wake up most mornings feeling kind of excited to be alive as long as I don't look in the mirror. LENYA: I looked in the mirror the other day. For the first time I really looked in the mirror. I was, and I was like, Oh, I'm much, much smaller, but I'm dig different. It just, I just looked so different these days. ALEXANDRA: great. I mean, well, you do transform yourself. I mean, you are a woman who transforms herself. I mean, you, when I met you, you looked one way, then you went through the wig phase. And now you have another, you know, you're in another phase. But I really love it, LENYA: I have been in this phase before, this is just, you know, my hair's growing out, but you know, I'll be back into this phase where you, when you met me, maybe in about two years, it'll take ALEXANDRA: but I love this right now. I mean I love it. I mean, I, you know, LENYA: and get used to it. It is hard because it's hard to feel feminine when your hair is so short. ALEXANDRA: that is such a, you know, what bothers me about that is that really does reflect conditioning. You know what I mean? Because you look so beautifully feminine, but I do understand the idea. I mean, my, I cut my hair off in 20. 15 or 16. And I went all the way to that, Bob. I think it's kind of when I met you, like I was like here and I liked it for a day and then it was as much vitamin E in collagen is I could swallow to get my hair to grow back. And it took a really long time, but it really did one. You have to do more to it and I'm lazy and I'm, I mean, I have good hair, so I don't never have to do much, but what did that length? I either look like. Like a soccer mom, which I'm not, or I needed to really do it and put product in it. Cause I like my hair kind of, you know thick, and to make it look that way. And I just, and I did feel not feminine enough and because I have big features, I just wasn't comfortable, but I know that's crazy because my mother had big features and she cut her hair super short and she looked so. Striking and elegant, but then I was like, well, that's because she was like five feet tall and 78 pounds. Like I couldn't, I don't know. So I get it, but you look feminine, but I mean, but I get the feeling. LENYA: Yeah, especially cause you know, most of the time I'm not really wearing decent clothes. I mean, lately with the job, I have been having a wear clothes again. ALEXANDRA: How's your resolutions going? How has your sleep going? LENYA: So those marijuana gummies have really impacted my recovery. ALEXANDRA: I'm excited, you know, they don't sell those gummies at my local store. So now I have to, I'm going to find them. LENYA: Well they're yeah, they, I have them out here at stash. That's where I get I don't know if they sell that brand actually at the other place down the street, but I just don't like that place. They would kind of racist ticketing when we went and I don't want to I'm very much of the mind now where I'm not going to shop where I don't feel comfortable. ALEXANDRA: Oh, absolutely. You shouldn't. I mean, at, well, I don't, you know, you shouldn't, of course you shouldn't, regardless of race, nobody, you speak with your dollar in this country. We need to realize that, you know, so of course you shouldn't it's so far so good on working out and writing the two things. I really, and meet the concept of me first. I think I've been actually pretty good at it so far. so good, you know, and I'm trying not to take on any other projects. Like I get really excited. I found these courses online. I was like, Oh, I'm going to take these courses Alex, don't take on anything else. So I'm getting better at that. So it's black history month. LENYA: Yes. And you have thoughts. ALEXANDRA: black history month, like so many things is both needed and patronizing. LENYA: Very interesting. Yes. ALEXANDRA: You know, just like when we talk about we have history and then we have you know, African-American history or even like the UC system or it's the Cal state system is talking about having the ad ethnic studies. I was like that's both good because we need it. But also patronizing, because if you look at the history of our country, It's all ethnic studies. So I, it is it's crazy to me. So that same thing with black history month is it is an integral part of us history. So I don't understand why it isn't just taught in the school system through the entire, like lace through everything because it's everything. And then if we want to have a special history on top to sort of make reparations or have healing moments, I think we can do so. But. It feels let's just stick it all in February and ignore it the rest of the year. So that's my basic opinion. Does that resonate? LENYA: You know, I just feel like African-American history. Cause I'm going to say African American because history is part of American history and I don't understand why it has to be a one month thing. It should just be integrated in history. It's history, you know? ALEXANDRA: Absolutely. Absolutely. LENYA: I found a post actually today and I posted it on my Instagram. I've been and I thought it's interesting that you brought this up. This is a guy wrote. My hope for black history month is that black people will find time to rest. As the past 12 months have been especially difficult. I also hope that non-black people will take time to learn and unlearn things about black people through listening and reading hashtag black history month. ALEXANDRA: That's beautiful. I actually saw, speaking of it, wasn't it wasn't a special quote. It was just one of my friends. On Facebook posting like a list of movies for black history month and said, and it was really directed towards everybody, but I heard it as a white person. You know, it's black history month. And maybe instead of watching movies that talk about black people's pain, why don't you take some time and look at movies where you can see black people with joy and love and gave a list of other movies. And it really is that moment where, you know, everybody is like, It's, you know, it's black history month. Let's watch 12 years of slave. And and while, I mean, nobody do that, you know, but the other thing is, can you also just watch, LENYA: The photograph, which is one of the most beautiful love stories I had ever seen. Yeah, I watched Rainey's black bottom the other day on Netflix. ALEXANDRA: yeah, I loved it. I love that movie. LENYA: I thought it was too much like a play, but I thought it was fun. ALEXANDRA: I like played type movies. I think that's me, but I mean, it is, but I loved it. I, the acting, it was very like, the acting was stage like acting for sure, but I loved it. LENYA: Beautiful performance. My God, Viola Davis is a goddess. Can we just say that Viola Davis is a goddess. She and then Chadwick, Boseman, what a fantastic ALEXANDRA: They're saying that they're saying the Oscar, LENYA: I hope so. I mean, it's nice for his wife. It would have been nicer. ALEXANDRA: if you were alive. LENYA: alive, but you know, I mean, it's the same, what they did to Heath ledger. I mean it was the thing is Chadwick. Boseman has had some amazing performances. There's so many films of his that are just amazing. He played a lawyer that actually made it to the Supreme court, the black lawyer. They're good. Marshall. ALEXANDRA: Yes. LENYA: And that was brilliant. He was brilliant. You know, not recognized. I don't know. I'm very excited for the golden Globes, even though the golden Globes that has been sort of like hashtag golden Globes, so white cause they kind of missed out on a couple of really good shows, you know, that ALEXANDRA: I don't know I don't even know who's I LENYA: I know only because you know, I have to follow, but. ALEXANDRA: scene. So I want to talk about two shows. One, maybe you've seen because you've seen more than me, but two shows. All right. So one it's on PBS. Cause you know, I'm a PBS person. So, you know, like I don't have Hulu, I do not have HBO, but I did pay the $50 to get the PBS all access pass so I can watch all my British murder mysteries. So no, this one I'm watching the long song, which is the story of the end of slavery on Jamaica. LENYA: Oh, ALEXANDRA: it his good, but all about black people's pain. For sure. So it's not something light, but really worth watching. It's only two episodes in, and they're really seeing it once a week, but the main that woman should win every Emmy, like she is like, There are, and there's joy. She is phenomenal. I mean, she can go from comic where you're laughing to tragedy in, you know, in the span, like on her face, in, in a span of. 60 seconds and it is just phenomenal how good it is and then how real it feels because you're feeling all the feelings and it's just absolutely wonderful. And it also made me think of jet-set Sarah, and even just like her talking about knowing Jamaica, like all the way through and really knowing the history of Jamaica. So that also felt relevant to me. But then there's the bridge certain show, which we should talk about because we both watched it. We're both LENYA: I have a lot of thoughts. ALEXANDRA: I know when I, and I, we heard a little bit of your thoughts, but I want to talk about it because nothing like watching some soft porn on Netflix and LENYA: I mean, ALEXANDRA: I mean, how many gratuitous but shots do we need? I mean, he's. He's a handsome man. And I did not mind seeing his beautiful booty, but it was like, if we're talking about, I mean, like if that's where we're headed. LENYA: How many times do you men really go down on their girlfriends that often they don't. ALEXANDRA: I did I mean, there was so much I did like about the show. I mean, it was, I really, I of course am so not into pop music services. Like all the pop music played a string quartets. I was like, yeah, LENYA: That was interesting. ALEXANDRA: it was interesting, but I didn't resonate. It didn't resonate with me, but I liked. There was a lot. I really liked about it. And of course the clothes were great. And of course, you know, it was totally unrealistic. In so many ways, I'm not even talking about the raceways. I'm even just talking about like how this happened, midsize, like the timing, the logic of it didn't add up. LENYA: Oh, there's so many production mistakes that made me feel a certain type of way from Ms. Shonda, that as someone who works in the industry and that does costume, I was appalled at one scene where you see the back of somebody and you see, and they're shirtless and you can see the mic box. ALEXANDRA: That's bad. I didn't see that's LENYA: There were manhole covers that were modern. There was some like, yeah, there was so many production areas that it kind of soured me a little. ALEXANDRA: Sure. Well, once you notice that stuff, this is once you see a proofreading error, then you see all the errors. So it said same thing. Like you saw the first and you did it. I, you know, thank God I'm watching it on an iPad screen and you know, I didn't catch a lot of it cause I just, and I watched all of it straight through LENYA: I watched in three days, I did it in ALEXANDRA: No, I, it was one of those nights where Eric woke up at five and he's what are you doing? I said, I have to finish this. He's like what? I said, I have three episodes to go, and then it was 8:00 AM. And I'm like, it got really kind of hokey and stupid at the end, but I needed dead. Like I needed it finished. It's like what? I mean, I could suck the fun out of any experience. I pulled a complete all-nighter to finish it. So, no, I was not noticing manhole cover. LENYA: I watched it over three nights, three nights. And yeah, I mean, I mean, there were, it was fun. It w it, it served its purpose for me and the evening have decided not to watch the news so much anymore because I was getting stressed out. But now so I will watch like something on Netflix or regular TV an episode of something every night and then that's it. And then I I have my little gummies and then go to sleep. But so it was entertaining. you know what really. ALEXANDRA: the race issue. I mean LENYA: Yeah, no, I'm going to, I'm going to get to, I'm going to get there. So what happened after the fact? Because I'm a big YouTube person I spent like about an hour on YouTube every day, doing mostly formula one things, but I also follow some women who do videos on like different things. And a couple of these women that I follow did videos on Britain. And I remember like I watched it and it, there were some problems that I felt. Immediately the casting being so light, like all, you know and then it was billed as being an all-inclusive cast, but I didn't see any Latino people. I didn't see any, Hey, I think I saw some Asian people in the background, but I didn't stay in the main characters. So, you know, some things didn't sit with me then I watched, but it didn't. I couldn't bring it out. Like I couldn't bring it what it was until I watched this video. And the woman was like, yeah, so there was race spading and it just jumped at me. That's what? That was, it was race baiting St you know the, all of this Oh, we're so inclusive. And it was so wonderful, but yeah, no, if you really weren't. And the colorism, like all of the speaking characters that were black that were rich were either very light. Or the one dark black woman was the Manny character that took care of him, her, his aunt, or or the mother's best friend or whatever. And then the evil character was extremely dark. And so again, I saw that and I was like, right, that was the main thing that didn't sit with me. Very well, the, that, and the, all the production areas where I was like, if I was on set and I was in charge of costume, I would be furious. ALEXANDRA: No, I couldn't imagine. so I have questions. So even let's like take it from a broader swath, like they, in the plot, they address why there are black people in the LENYA: Yes, there was that one little line in one episode. Yes. And that also sat wrong with me. ALEXANDRA: Well, the thing that's not wrong with me is that they tried to explain it. And there was that one scene between the Duke and his, I guess, father, right? Where or his aunt. But like about the concept of black excellence, right? That's certainly you need excellent. You need to do this. Or, you know, we could lose everything. And that concept that still was then, so it was sort of like this bow to systematic racism or the fact that, you know there had been this like somehow something had been different, but what's interesting to me is. Then everything else was kind of approached in essence as if there were just black people and white people and everybody was equal all the time and you can appreciate everybody's cultures, but it was just, and it seemed to me that I don't think you can have it both ways. Like it was too light LENYA: Yes. ALEXANDRA: Way too light to sort of say, Oh, because basically in the end it was still white people, granted black people, the ability to have this end gave them something. I mean, that's how it read, which then is reading like white people can then take it away. So the power dynamic was still there. And so it felt to me like that needed to be addressed at least by the two main black characters. or you could have gone to say, no, we're actually going to be like the CA like Hamilton. Do you know what I mean? And not deal with it at all. We're just going to have a diverse cast and we're going to be like, Nope, you know what? Guess what, everybody, you know what I mean? Depending on how history occurred, there could be people of different races in era, aristocratic positions. In great Britain at that time. And then we would have all just done that it's so it felt weird to me. So that disconnected me a little because it was weird. Okay. Well, good. I'm glad. LENYA: and I liked the fact that you talked about it as far as Hamilton, because that was what was happening in my brain. And then when I saw this other YouTube video and the girl was like, she actually delved a bit deeper and looked into the casting director who, because, you know, of course they interviewed the director and the show runner and this and that, and they had this whole Oh, but we're a multicultural and we gave you. Well, the parts who really deserved it and this and that. And I'm just like, so no Latino people came up or Asian people that came up that could do any of these other characters. ALEXANDRA: also just the idea of what Britain did and said, even just thinking about what great Britain must have looked like, even just thinking about their other co, like there were no Indian people, LENYA: Yeah. There was ALEXANDRA: do you know what I mean? That doesn't even make any sense at all. So LENYA: So there was this whole thing about the casting and I thought, okay, so they definitely got it wrong. They got their messaging wrong. And that's where the race baiting came in because they want black people to ALEXANDRA: to me what you think race baiting means? Just explain to LENYA: I feel like they were using race as a way of getting black people. And progressive white people to watch the show because they specifically build it as a multicultural cast and a multicultural production. ALEXANDRA: Right. Okay. So this is I found something they unfair use of statements about race to try to influence actions or attitudes particular group. LENYA: That's it. ALEXANDRA: yes I do think so. I do think that's exactly what LENYA: What they did. ALEXANDRA: what they did. I mean, it was a Mar it felt like a marketing ploy. LENYA: Yeah. I mean, it was entertaining and I don't want to take it away. ALEXANDRA: yeah, I liked it. I mean, there are other things I like better, but yeah. I mean, I watched the whole thing the whole night, so I mean, it worked, you know, but the other thing though, I noticed and was uncomfortable with the colorism and I, you know, Because I was noticing that too and I also have to say, like I also noticed, and while I know if there's a second season, some of this will be like explored more, the body image issues, because of course the woman who didn't get the didn't get the boy was the fat girl or, you know, the overweight girl, but they made her to look like very funny looking and very overweight and white and clumsy. Like you can choose one, but why have it be the overweight, especially when. My sense is during that time and correct me if I'm wrong, having meat on your bones back then was actually considered a positive thing. So it's all through the lens of what's trending now. So that's just frustrating. So it seemed to me that there was a lot of stereotyping and casting going on that seemed. Unnecessary. And that made me a little bit sad since it was trying to be like we're so ahead of our time. And I was like, yeah, not really. I don't think LENYA: Not really at all, but, you know, I watched pretty little things or something like that. I can remember on Netflix. I, I. Didn't binge it. I watched it over a week. And it's about ballerinas, but the main characters is a black girl. And that also is really problematic. And. You know, weird. I, you know, I mean, I watched it because again, I'm trying to support these like shows that have, you know, black people in their main main characters, because we just don't see that enough. But it was just, yeah I dunno. I think it, TV and movie I've said this before. We just need to do better. We just ALEXANDRA: No. It's true. What did you think about, did you watch the Queen's gambit? LENYA: I did. And I loved it. ALEXANDRA: Okay. I also did in my God, the clothes. LENYA: Oh, my God it's cheap, but that's see. I love how they wrote it into the show that she became so obsessed with fashion because while she was, you know, with that woman in the beginning, she had no money for clothes. that show hands down was probably one of the best ones I saw on Netflix. The best show I saw on on, during COVID was I may destroy you, which was snubbed by the golden globe. But ALEXANDRA: Well, wait, let's come back to the Queens gambit though, because the Queens gambit, when I was watching it and I had I, and I did love it, but again, looking at it from a critical point of view, there was, it did play into. Every trope, you know, in the sense that, you know, He goes into the basement and there's the scary janitor. Who's the old man. And doesn't like to talk to anybody, but he's a wise, he's a wizard of chess. And then we have the sidekick sassy girl and you know, who doesn't get adopted. And then even when she comes back, which I think is great she's the cool you know, Hipster didn't work for sixties. That wasn't the word in the sixties but radical, but the thing that frustrated it didn't, I was aware of it, but here's what I think the differences. At some point, I think the black character says to the white character and I'm sorry, I have forgotten all the names I watched this a while ago, but when she gets back is saying, she said something about tropes or stereotypes. So I feel like the writers pointed to the idea that yes, we're going to play into some of these afterschool special stereotypes and have some fun with them. And. Just go there and, you know, because even for me, I was like, Oh, and she's a red haired girl. Like we're financially. Like it was LENYA: Yeah. I didn't even go that deep. I just was so enthralled with the story and the costumes and the production that I didn't even notice that, you know, I mean, like I noticed some things, but I just, yeah. I mean, I thought the lead was so brilliantly acted. I mean, Oh my God, ALEXANDRA: good. And the thing is when something LENYA: So good. Like I just, I was there. Yeah. I was there with her, this was a real story, you know, it just, really well done. So I was happy with that one. Yeah. That was a good one. I've watched that at the end, like in December. I just don't like when people get yet people get onto these Oh, it was the most downloaded thing. And then I'm thinking, and then I go through this thing well, did I not watch it? Cause I didn't want to. Or am I missing out or do I want to jump on a bandwagon? That's how it was with Bridget tin. I was like, Oh, do I want to ALEXANDRA: Well looking forward to it because, you know, I love British costume drama and I love, you know, I have great appreciation for Shonda Rhimes. And so I was like, this is going to be great. And then, you know, it was okay, LENYA: I was so disappointed in the production. I have, I mean, just ALEXANDRA: think they just, they spread it out too fast. It's that thing where they, LENYA: I don't know whatever they did. Yeah. you know, there was a, there's a movie that's come out that I need to watch on Netflix. And it's a black film of a black film about love with Zendaya. you know, I'm because I love Zendaya. Do you know who that is? The actress, ALEXANDRA: No telling me, LENYA: her latest, big thing. And she was the youngest actress to win best actress at the Emmy's for her role in euphoria, which was probably one of the greatest dramas from last year. Anyway, she's in a movie called Malcolm and Marie, and I want to watch that. That's my next thing. I'm going to watch that not tonight, cause that'll probably get done with this too late, but tomorrow Malcolm and Marie, and that is a black love story for anybody who wants to not ALEXANDRA: Oh, here, I just seeing it here. Yes. LENYA: And the photograph is my favorite. ALEXANDRA: Oh, that looks beautiful. there is so much TV. I was just laughing. Cause I think you called her a kid. And so when I Googled, I was expecting a child and she's been her 20. LENYA: She's an adult. And you know, one of the problems, one of the backlash of this movie is that people aren't ready to see her as an adult. Because she was a Disney girl, she started out in Disney. And so now this movies and adult love story and people are the backlash is the age difference between her and the male character. And they're like, ah, you know, and I'm like, but you know, we watch white people. We get to see what's the James Bond at a hundred thousand years old. Make-out with the like 20 five-year-old, you know, ALEXANDRA: me out. It does. It grosses me out that does grow. LENYA: Exactly. But the thing is we see it all the time. We see it all the time, the old guy with the old, did you see ALEXANDRA: Yeah. I know. I'm so sad about that. I have to say I am. I'm really sad about that. LENYA: what do you have to say? ALEXANDRA: Eric took me to Sean and we had a lovely dinner. Oh. And we had the pasta with the white truffles. It was amazing. I did drink too much. Surprise, Surprise. I mean, not sick, but ma you know, and I'm loud. So we'd got, we had kind of earlier reservations, but we totally were there for three hours. And so it's 10 30, maybe even 11 and we're walking out and I notice along the bench, it's all these old white men with all these young white women and I'm drunk. So I say really loud, why are all these women went there LENYA: Let's see, that's what it is. That's so, yes, it's gross, but we're used to seeing this. So this is why I don't understand this backlash from this movie. I'm going to watch the movie anyway. Cause I love India. I think she is. She is our future. She's our next Viola. But. We see this all the time. We see this all the time. I mean, I can there are so many movies I can think of right now where the male protagonist and the female protagonist is such a huge age gap between them. ALEXANDRA: And check the, I don't, if they're going to play it, I just wish they would point to it and say, there's an age difference. And then address it. What I don't like is when. You're playing it as if it's totally normal for there to be like a 20 year age difference between the woman and the man. That's what sort of irks me when I see that kind of stuff. Not that I, you know, I mean, you fall in love with who you fall in love with, but, you know LENYA: But there's not even a 20 year age gap between us and them in the male actor. It's just, I think because she's young, she's 24 or 23 and he may be in his thirties, that's actually more normal than seeing will, will Smith and Margot Robbie in that movie that they were in where that is like a 13 year age gap. I mean, you know, it's just, I don't know. I feel like people are just ALEXANDRA: Well it's so some people just want to complain. I mean, the fact is people just want to complain all the time, like what we're doing right now. LENYA: Yes. You know what? We're going to stop with the negativity. Let's talk about positivity. ALEXANDRA: All right. We're going to talk about positivity. Okay. What's positive, no other so much. That's positive LENYA: so much that positive Marjorie Taylor green has been kicked off of her committees. That in itself is a champagne and do sing event. ALEXANDRA: It LENYA: It looks like Biden is going to be able to put through his $1.9 trillion you know, package without any bipartisan support. Fuck you Republicans. So yes, there's a lot of good stuff going on. The Republican party is imploding on itself. You Th there's ALEXANDRA: It was all negative things for some people, but you're happy about it. I love it. No, I mean I'm happy. LENYA: The world is moving in the right place. ALEXANDRA: Oh, absolutely. And people are starting to get vaccinations. That is starting to happen. It's starting to really roll out, which is very exciting. LENYA: out there because it's black history month. I don't know if you know this, but apparently they have been like big groups of white people. They go into the black neighborhoods and jump to the front of the line to get the vaccines. And then now that, and then they're not taking enough data to know whether black people are being vaccinated at all. And I'm a little upset with that. ALEXANDRA: Oh, yeah, no, I've heard that's happening just in every single poor neighborhood that white people are going wherever they can and LENYA: Yep. And pushing in front to get in and get the vaccine. So, and then you'll have somebody tell me that white privilege doesn't exist. ALEXANDRA: Yes, of course, there are still people who tell you that doesn't exist. All right, we're going negative again. Skewing negative again. LENYA: Sorry. And it's me, me being negative. ALEXANDRA: I know what's happening. LENYA: know, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. But yeah, as far as the vaccine, that was something that I heard today that bothered, but I'm just very excited about the vaccines and I'm excited about the way they're rolling it out. You know that in California, you can sign up to something called my turn.ca.gov or something like that. And then they'll let you know when your turn is happening and I signed up and they've already gotten back to me saying that I'm registered and they will let me know. ALEXANDRA: I've also registered. So we'll see. So New Jersey, my dad's experience was that he was registered, but they still would never let them know. And so his, my step sister is a doctor. And so she was at least able to say they released the appointments at this time. So he was able to jump on like right at 10 to get the appointments. So that's also a white privilege or just so wealth privilege thing, because he was able to do that because there's a doctor in the family who knew how the system worked and that, you know, if you're just a person who doesn't know that system, you're just going to be waiting and you're going to get it six weeks or eight weeks later. LENYA: Yeah, same with my family. I'm not an I total privileged situation. My brother works for the VA hospital. He's in administrator. He got it. And he made the appointments for my parents and now they got it and they're getting there. They everybody's gotten their second vaccination now. ALEXANDRA: Wow. My dad's getting at the end, I think the end of the month. I mean, we're. Like people in California have been like saying, Oh, educators will be able to get it sooner, like jump in line sooner. and I'm having uncomfortable feelings about that as a law professor where our school is not open this semester where I've been like, I'm not going to jump in front of somebody when I know the school isn't opening until may. That just feels like privilege. You know? Like I get it that we need to get our kindergarten. We need to get our. Kindergartens. We need to get those groups, those young groups of kids back into school as soon as possible. But that also means that they're really in the end, those households. Of those kids need to be vaccinated and they need to be vaccinated ahead of me. Like I don't, I get that. It makes it all messier, but I'll when they send me the email saying, you can go, I will go, but I'm not gonna strive to jump in line. There's a, it really leaves a tinny taste in my mouth. You know, that there's something wrong with that. I'm very privileged. I have my job. We have a nice house. You know, I'm getting a lot done. LENYA: I know being at home, it's been great. No, like I do feel it. Teachers need to get it. I also feel that in order for the kids to go back to school, it's more than just the teachers getting the buyer. I'm getting the vaccination though. There needs to be better testing. There needs to have that. Just they need better ventilation at schools. They just money needs to get thrown to the schools so that they can actually do this properly. It can't just be. Putting it all on the teachers getting vaccinated. Because again, that's like throwing I hate the way we throw teachers under the bus all the time. You've got to teach the kids to this. You've got to make sure the kids don't fall behind, but we're only going to pay you $12,000 a year. We're only gonna give you like $200 for school supplies. We're only gonna do this. I mean, like at some point. We've got to realize that they're our priority and start throwing money at that situation. ALEXANDRA: absolutely. But even with the vaccinations, I understand it's complicated and I get it, but I don't logically understand that if the vaccination. Doesn't necessarily stop you the vaccinated person from passing it that if you have children in the classroom who could catch it from you and then they take it home, even though they might not get it as badly, they might not die, but they take it home to their family. Who and those people are not vaccinated. I do not see how school just opens without a plan. And so I agree with you. It's the idea that there still needs to be a plan. And I have yet to sort of see that I do know that my sisters kids, schools in Wisconsin, They've been, they've really done a good job. I mean, you had a choice to go virtual or to go to school and you had to come make a commitment for eight weeks and then every eight weeks you could switch or do something else. So they sort of worked in terms and what's interesting is that, you know, her kids, she decided to go live. They don't have a real, you know, they don't have a lot there. A lot of. COVID there, but canvas is you know, as soon as somebody is infected, like they, the kids are constantly being quarantined for two weeks, but then they go onto the zoom lesson and then they're back. The kids wear masks all the time. It's she says it's really cute. Like all the kids have little pimples all over their nose, but nobody cares about it anymore. Like they just wear it all the time. And she says, there just has been so few cases. They're well ventilated. I mean, obviously it's a pretty wealthy school system. So in that sense, I mean, in all the they're beautiful schools with lots of their newer schools, so they have like windows to the outside. But it's just kind of working and the kids, it's not perfect. She's no, like there are things about it that it's hard. The kids are home. Like every she's you get used to it, but it's every two weeks, one of your kid is home for two weeks quarantining. Like she's because they've been exposed. So you get into that rhythm, but she's my kids are like in a rhythm, you know? And that's. Something, and it seems like people are handling it well, and we're bigger. There's, it's just harder when you've got more people, things are more complicated. So I would not want any of those jobs. Do you think we should we're we've been going over an hour, so we're going to close up soon. Yeah, of course. Cause it's dealing me. So what. I know. Do you think Newsome will get recalled? LENYA: I dunno, there's a lot of anti Newsome sentiment. The hairdressers, the hair dresses, man, ALEXANDRA: I know. I know my hair dresser. I haven't. I mean, she and honestly, a little bit rightfully so. I mean, I don't understand how can, LENYA: rate of transmission is very low when it comes to hairdressing and nail salons. ALEXANDRA: Yeah. That's what I mean. And that's what makes it kind of ridiculous that it really is the economy of lobbying. Right. So the idea that restaurants would stay open. And we wouldn't keep those open, but even just the idea that you could go to your dentist, which I get is necessary. But you know, if we were saying that kind of close contact is bad, then maybe you would say only dental emergencies, not just going to get your teeth whitened. So the idea of it, it's not a clear straight line. And they cut off an entire group of people and I'm, I applaud people. Who've been suing the state and protesting, I think it's right. And I, you know, he started out doing a really LENYA: Well, you know, they're Devin's his winery is still open and has been open the whole ALEXANDRA: Well, that's right. And that's another right? It's well, I'm not going to go into gossiping about Gavin Newsome when he was mayor of San Francisco. Cause that's bringing up old stuff you know, he used to be married to Kimberly Guilfoyle. So. LENYA: yeah, that I can just not imagine. I cannot imagine that ALEXANDRA: But I, I mean, I do think he's just right now he's Oh, it just looks like he's overwhelmed and I have empathy, but it's he's not just sort of pulling back, refiguring out everything and starting again, and he really needs to do it. And it's a shame because I thought he was doing a good job before. LENYA: Up until that in the beginning of the pandemic, I thought him and Garcetti were really. You know, like they had it under control, but then they kind of, yeah, they kind of give ALEXANDRA: It's really it's July, like when they did the first opening and it wasn't and then how they're managing it just isn't clean. And honestly, California is too big to sort of make these sweeping state decisions because things are different per County. So. It's hard. I'll be interesting to see. I mean, we did recall a governor in the last 30 years we recalled gray. So I mean, it happens in California. So you know, where some people might be just rolling their eyes and say, that will never happen. I'm like, no it has happened before. So I'm kind of waiting and seeing, I just LENYA: I mean, I'm more invested in the impeachment ALEXANDRA: Yes, me too. LENYA: So. ALEXANDRA: Well, I want him to be just stripped of his travel. Like when I hear about all the money he gets for the rest of his life, I want that gun. I want him gone. LENYA: yes. And no more secure, no security briefings. I just want him to like, basically be erased from history. ALEXANDRA: Yeah. Well, I want him to be immortal. I want him to be secluded in his little tiny castle. Let him play golf. No. I know nobody wants LENYA: They don't even want them. I mean, and it's already, I read in CNN this morning that they the people of Marla that the town or whatever it is in Mar-a-Lago haven't been like, Nope, you can't stay here. You agreed that you wouldn't. That this is not a residence. This is a club. So you can't stay here and it's going to go to court and he's going to have another court hearing for something else that he can't afford. ALEXANDRA: I know. What are you doing the rest of the night? LENYA: I'm gonna watch I'm on episode five of season, two of drive to survives was the new C8 season of drive to survival drop very soon. And I just want to be up to date. And I'm going to delve into some F1 gossip and news. Yes, it's a lot happening. ALEXANDRA: I am going to have dinner with Eric. And then I am going to play Assassin's creed, Odyssey, and going to take a Ford, take a Fort. That's what I'm going to do. No, but I'll usually play three nights a week. So I'll play for about an hour. I'll just wander around his Cassandra and I love how I've dressed her. She looks like she's going to burning man, but her arms are like this and she's a bad-ass with it. Like I have her fighting with a staff and I'm very happy. We can talk about video. You know, episode we do, LENYA: that's ALEXANDRA: because that also is another representational issue with that one as well. LENYA: Well, why don't we find a gamer? Let's find a gamer and let's talk about this. ALEXANDRA: Right. That's what we're going to do. All right. So everybody makes sure to listen to us women bridging the gap.com. Join us on Facebook. Join us on Instagram. Tell us what you want to hear. If you have something to say and you want to join our conversation, send us an email. LENYA: Yeah, we're starting to get like fans come in and we're actually going to have a fan on in a week or so. Who's going to talk about her very own issue and I am looking forward to it. ALEXANDRA: I am too. I am too. All right, well, have a good night. Lenya. LENYA: You too, Alex. Bye.

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