Episode 53

April 18, 2022


COVID 19 Is Still A Thing, People

COVID 19 Is Still A Thing, People
Women Bridging the Gap
COVID 19 Is Still A Thing, People

Show Notes

Alexandra and Lenya check in about COVID 19, and how Lenya is staying clear of it but Alexandra is having a harder time. They have both traveled recently and relay how different people behaved in the different areas, regarding masking up and general awareness.


They also discuss the Russian war against Ukraine, the racism that's showing itself because of the war, and more.


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Episode Transcript

53 === Alexandra: [00:00:00] Welcome everybody to the, to the podcast. Here we are Lenea is giving blood. So the CDC can do a study on her because her age is so high NIH because her immunity is so good. And I'm sitting here suffering with a S a style, the size of my eyeball, because my immunity is so low. And so we're talking, we're talking about all things pandemic right now. Lenya: believe it or not, we're still in this pandemic people. Alexandra: That's exactly right. And like, where are we in this pandemic? So we were both sort of talking that we have, most of our friends are vaccinated, but we, I have a friend who's not vaccinated. And I know it's from anxiety. To the point where he'll even say something he'll talk about all those crazy people who aren't vaccinated. And then his girlfriend will say, you are one of those crazy people, but. It's [00:01:00] for D he's, he's sort of anxious around the idea of getting the shot of not knowing what happens. And he kind of owns that. He doesn't have crazy conspiracy theories. So that's how I'm drawing the line on, on my tolerance of that. And trying to have empathy for folks who are, Who are still not, not the people with conspiracy theories, but people who are just really frightened of the shot or, or just tired, like when you and I were just talking about. How she's like putting off a shingles vaccination. I'm I'm going to Malawi in may and I'm actually thinking of punting some of the vaccinations and just risking, like maybe not taking my malaria meds because it's only going, I'm only going for two weeks and and it's medic it's fatigue. Lenya: Yeah. It's fatigue. And now you're never going to have another shot. Alexandra: Yeah. Like that. It's another shot. Okay. Fatigue about whether we know everybody knows people [00:02:00] who've had it. And so all the people, quite frankly, all the people who've died from it. That's receding into the background. And so typical human we're shoving that in the past. And so, it's amazing to me like how people are just going back to normal. I feel very Normal most of the time, I, you know, like I just walk in and then I remember I put on my mask, but like sometimes now I forgot my mask. That just feels unheard of, you know what I mean? And then I would just have to run and put it on a, I have Lenya: not stopped wearing my mask all the time, but then, you know, I mean, I, I just panicked because I'm always in front of people. So from the minute I walk outside of my house to the minute I walked back in the house, I'm always wearing that. Alexandra: I think that you might be that way though, because you've also been working in the public sphere through so much of the worst of it, where I was completely remote for much of the worst of it. [00:03:00] So I, I think in that sense, that might be partially why that's the case, Lenya: we'll see things that other people aren't seeing, I guess, because you guys are still. I'm and I'm out. And the other day, the store next door to us closed because everybody got COVID. Wow. And they had to, it took them 24 hours before they could get more staff to come in from other other stores to cover. But the entire store got COVID right. And then a store directly opposite me. Four of the five people who worked there got COVID I'm talking within the last two Alexandra: weeks. And are they still. Lenya: No, some people are mad, some people are not right. So, you know, I mean, in our store, we are all messed up not because anybody said anything just because all of the. Just want to stay mass, right. There's three of us that have never gotten COVID and then this is the one person who did get COVID and got it so bad that they're continuing to mask up. They [00:04:00] actually, all of us are vaccinated, triple vast. Right. So I was going to get the fourth vaccination on Monday, but my doctor said, hold off just a few more months. I mean, if yeah, another one. Because I just got my booster in November. Alexandra: Yeah. Like I think I'm going to do my, I'll do my fourth shot before I leave on my trip. But I mean, we're still messed up at school and I'm grateful and we don't seem to be having that many breakthrough cases, you know, we'll get a notice when somebody has it. Who's on campus. We don't, we seem to be doing pretty well. And I'm sure it's because we're masked And so I'm okay with that, but I just find myself, like I forgot. And I was just in Georgia visiting Eric's mom and, you know, it's Georgia, there was nobody in mass. Like we didn't, you know what I mean? And it was, and people did kind of glare at you when you were, you know, which I found irritating. But I didn't see. Eric was like, please don't start a fight [00:05:00] with the shuttle driver. I'm like, I'm not like, who do you think I am? Like, I'm not going to do it. I mean, but then it made me want to, but I didn't, I didn't start fights, you know, I mean, because his mother is out there. You know, giving a lot of money to the Stacey Abrams, you know, campaign she's quit her church, you know, cause she's I can't stand all those Trumpers. I mean, she's very isolated out there now because she just can't stand, you know, being out there. And I feel for her because in this area it's Rayburn county, Georgia. There's a lot of pride of place, you know what I mean? So people are sort of like proud this. It's it is, it's kind of this white proud thing that makes me a little sick to my stomach. Although it's becoming, cause it's only two hours from Atlanta, so it's kind of becoming a wealthy kind of big lake lake area for people from Atlanta to visit. So it starting to, interestingly enough, it's starting to diversify in turn [00:06:00] which is a good thing. And I was. Connie. I know you're going to be annoyed at all the mountaineering shops that are kind of going up all over the little town, but that's and good restaurants. But with that comes diversity and, you know, liberals, but it was, you know, but you know, it's really hard, but I was like, I couldn't, it was that thing. Like I could not live there. At all. And, and you could just see, like when people ask questions and they were like the pandemic, didn't it. It just didn't exist. But even I had an event at school where I was moderating a conversation with four state Supreme court justices, one from Hawaii, one from Oregon, California, and one from Arizona. And of course it's the one from Arizona was we, I asked like, how have court been like online? And the one in Arizona was like, [00:07:00] we were never on. You know what I mean? They just stayed the whole time. And I was just like, it's such a, rather than the pandemic being a situation that brought us together, it is like a S like people have had wholly different experiences of this, depending on where you lived. And Lenya: well, I was in San Antonio couple of weeks. Yeah, that's right. And it says, I mean, no one was wearing a mask and I was, you know, I wore masks everywhere. I went to people who of course was staring at me. And I was like, fuck around and find out, just, just try me, just try me. But nobody's got anything. Cause I guess I had that look. But then when we got to the venue where it's, I'm not allowed to talk about any of this, but kg. So when we got to the venue where this event was going to happen they COVID tested all of us. Wow. And then put us in zone. [00:08:00] And then the people who w we were, we had to wear a mask while we were in these zones, the people who had COVID obviously had to leave the people who didn't move on to the next zone. And it was just like crazy. But then once we got inside the venue, we were told we had to take our masks off and we couldn't have our masks on. Alexandra: Wow. Lenya: So another time where I thought I'm going to get COVID, I'm going to get, that's so weird Alexandra: that they would do that. I mean, can't you just have your mask? I mean, that seems so weird. I mean, it was strange like in the airport in Georgia, a man like went into one of the little books, you know, the little bookstores I was in the bookstore waiting in line and he didn't have his mask on. And the poor woman said You know, put on, you have to put on your mask. And he started, he did, he was like, I don't understand. I just passed 60 people that didn't have their mask on. And she's and of course I wanted to lean in and say, that is not true. Like [00:09:00] I was just out there. That is not true. But he, he said that, and then this poor woman of course, was like, not in my store. And then he just was so mad and he put all this stuff down and he made a big thing and then left. And I have to say here's the thing that's changed for me is that I had, and I am not a person who runs on fear. I had fear because, you know, And of course I'm thinking, oh, but it's TSA in Georgia. Everybody's leave your firearms. You know, you can't take your firearms any further. So I kept reminding myself, he couldn't get through TSA with a gun, you know, but I had this fear because we live in such a violent place now that I was just like, welcome to, and this is it. And I was Lenya: like, okay, Georgia, they signed that bill today that you can, you can carry a gun without having, without having. So, Alexandra: and the thing that drives me, and then he was a white man and the cashier who [00:10:00] was saying something was a black woman. So I was also just like in heightened. Yeah, like ready. So of course I get up to her and I was like, well, I just want to thank you, you know, for, for doing that, you know, and she, of course was like, she's well, I don't want my boss to, you know, yell at me. And I was like, well, fair enough. But we are grateful. And then. Another woman behind me was like, yes, it's not hard to wear a mask and you know, but it was, but you could almost see the collective sigh of relief that it didn't escalate. And we're just living in these times where this should be a time where we've all come together between the pandemic and the war. In the Ukraine. I feel like this is a time where we should all be coming together as Americans. And it's Nope, it's just Lenya: has divided us a little. There's a lot of, there's a lot of there's a lot of feelings around the war with the black community. [00:11:00] Why? Cause I don't know if you saw all the footage of, of black people being discriminated against about leaving the country and left to die. And, you know, like a lot of news outlets didn't want to put 'em didn't want to you know, report it There were all this gas lighting done by the actual Ukraine government saying that that wasn't even the case. And I mean, a lot of people I know are saying that's not true. And then there, and then there's some other things that are going on as far as it was an HBCU, that's decided they're going to take in 3000 Ukrainian students. There's this morning on the news that a Ukrainian woman came across the Mexican border illegally and it's on the news. You know, yeah, the war, the war has not brought us together. It's divided us. Alexandra: I feel those. I agree with that. What makes me sad though, is that if we don't, it still is an opportunity for us to work through those issues because the larger issue is like Putin is, is [00:12:00] committing war crimes. Big war crimes that need to be counted for and invaded another. He invaded a country like, and so he does need to be stopped. And then, and then all those issues are things that we need to address with the Ukraine which are important because in every country, people of color and immigrants get the shaft. I mean, that's just true and we need to start addressing those issues. Now, but I don't want to lose sight of this is a wrong war. I realize Lenya: that. But you know, like I have a question, do we call it this white on white crime? We call this white on white crime. This is what I've been wondering. Because when, when black people do. When black people like another black tribe invades, another black country, they call it black on black crime. It's not poor in it's this it's that let them kill each other. And I'm not saying that because I really do not believe. I actually believe [00:13:00] life matters. Which is not something that I see Alexandra: a lot of, I would take issue, I guess I would take issue with the other way. I mean, if we're going to keep everything even, and one wrong, it makes another wrong, then I guess it's white on white crime, one country, one country. It's a thing. Lenya: But is it a thing though? Is that a thing like, I want to know. What do you think about it? Do you think that's a thing? Alexandra: What, what do you mean? It's a thing like black on black crime in white, on white crime. Lenya: Is it a theme? Alexandra: Well, is it a thing that other people say, I guess, I don't know what you're asking. Do I think it's a thing? I don't think it shouldn't be a thing because , I think lives matter and I don't think that we should be killing anyone ever. And I think, yes. And I also, the distinction, the academic distinction between a civil war and an invasion war is an interesting. Academic discussion, but that shouldn't [00:14:00] still, that shouldn't change things. Right? So the, one of the distinctions they're making for why we're treating like different refugees differently is because a civil war, we're not going to get involved. You know, where it cause. Strife within the country versus an invasion of one country into another. I, I was like, that's an interesting academic discussion for somebody to get their PhD on, but it's still people killing people and we should be doing what we can do. So I'm a little aggravated that, you know, all of a sudden, like we have. Harvard kids coming up with apps to help place Ukrainian refugees and homes. And that app couldn't have been created for Syrian refugees. Like that shit is just racist because that doesn't have anything to do with, because I'll admit like your, it is going to. We are a [00:15:00] Eurocentric country, whether that's going to change or not change, we were a British colony, right though, that was our mother that, you know what I mean? We, we look in that direction for most of our culture. And you can call it dominant culture. You can call it whatever bad word you want to, but still, you know, we all like to go to Europe to see, you know, we have that connection to Europe and that might be. Be true for everybody living in this country, but I'm saying historically, that's been where we've looked and world war II was a big deal for this country. And so when we think about Europe, it's, it's more significant to us emotionally than other countries. So with that said, This feels very close to home, right. And, and this is reminding people of the cold war. So I get that. There's an emotional connection to this that we don't have to other [00:16:00] countries right or wrong. I'm not, I'm agnostic on that. I'm just saying that there's a Mo there's an emotional connection. Lenya: You know, I didn't think about the fact that it would be very it would be very similar to the cold war and making people feel. A little unsettled thinking about what we went through during those times and before the wall went down in Berlin and Alexandra: right. I mean, this is Russia all over again. So I feel like there's stoking of a lot of emotions that feel very close to home. So I feel like that's a little bit why people are acting it. Isn't it isn't about other things. There's just an emotional. I'm not excusing the idea though, that if we have all this, just because it's more immediate empathy doesn't mean we shouldn't have had empathy. Do you know what I mean? For all the other. People ousted from their countries whether it's from south American countries, refugees coming in through [00:17:00] Mexico, or whether we're talking about Syrian refugees who are seriously walking through Albania, you know what I mean? Walking through country after country and not being led in. Harvard kids are finding that app. That was really cool. We have colleges saying, we're going to let you in. We have countries leaving strollers. Sure. Now I feel Lenya: again, billions of dollars, billions, Alexandra: and like a call to an I am like, and I keep saying it's such a missed opportunity for Biden to actually have that Kennedy moment. Like it's not what you know, the country can do for you. It's what you can do. Like we should, because. Yes, gas prices are up. We're doing this because we're doing this to stop a maniac. You know, we're doing this to do what we can because we can't go in and fight, right? Because he would have his finger on the bomb. We cannot go into fight for all the reasons everybody is saying. And so we need to [00:18:00] band together and do this, and he's not making that statement. And that upsets me cause it feels like it is an opportunity missed. But then I can't help, but go a little bit deeper and say, but how many more opportunities do we miss? You know what I mean? Because Clinton admitted that Rwanda was a mistake on his watch. So like he admitted, he learned from that mistake and I don't understand why we just don't learn. And then yes, I'd like to think it was the emotional connection to Europe, but I think the deeper thing is there's a deeper, there is still a racism that's totally going on. And so do I understand the black community saying? Yeah, so I, I. Lenya: They're not, they're not, I mean, when I say I'm looking just by, you know, the people I follow on Twitter and on and on Tik TOK, but mostly on Twitter lately. Just, it's not that they're being so insensitive to human life. Obviously this is horrible. And, and you know, and [00:19:00] everybody's heart goes out to these families, but it's more you know what, we're going to sit this one out. I'm going to sit this one out and we're just going to send, we're going to send thoughts and prayers. Alexandra: This is where we have to admit where our education fails us. Right? Because our education is also Eurocentric. So everybody knows. I mean, I take, I'm not sure this is true. Right. But I would hope most American know where the Ukraine is now. I, yeah. Like right. Letting you just made a face, but they know we're kind of Poland is if they've sort of talked about world war II, Right. Although I've just read somewhere that kids aren't really being taught about the Holocaust now. And I'm like Lenya: geography as a total. So Alexandra: the idea is that the idea is I would hope they kind of know where all this is happening, but the problem is they do not know where Syria is. They do not, they aren't taught, [00:20:00] you know, when, so if it's foggy, it's hard to care about what isn't, what's foggy to you. What. It's like abstract, but the problem is, is that isn't it a duty for us to make all of that? Not abstract because if we have this idea of people, first people are people. Do you know what I mean? Like it's, it's important. So I get it. I mean, it's, it's, it's a tough call and I, and I, and I am bothered by it and it feels like it should fuel greater discussion. And again, I still think in the end, it's an opportunity to bridge another bat. Does that make sense? Like in the idea, it feels like an opportunity. So let's talk about it. Let's talk about how we have failed other refugees and how we haven't done it. If colleges can find 3000 spaces for refugees, why can't you, why couldn't we have done that five years ago? Why, you know what I mean? Lenya: What about those horrible images of the Haitian last year being [00:21:00] whipped by the Texas police. And I don't know. I don't know. I absolutely absolutely. I'm actually feeling fatigued from all of this. Right. I'm feeling fatigued from all of this, especially after watching Katon G thank goodness. It ended with her getting the, you know, the, the, the place, but. Watching, especially Senator Cruz. Oh my God. He's so lucky that people can't shoot him. Alexandra: Well now, now we're on a secret service list right there, but go ahead. I just, yeah. I mean, no, well, I have to say I was more, I was actually, I was upset, but I was more upset by the vote. I thought the vote was. I was more upset by the vote, like how demeaning the no votes were. Like, I wasn't surprised by the no votes, but how demeaning they made those no votes that they couldn't find Rand Paul. And then he wasn't even dressed in a suit and he like called the D like it's. So, because [00:22:00] Lenya: that is just. Alexandra: Beyond that is disrespecting the on-purpose and it's personal. Yeah. Lenya: But it was personal when they were attacking her. I mean, she cried, I mean, like that side that she gave, you know, Ted Cruz when he was talking on and on about critical race theory and the anti-racist baby that he made go number one on Amazon. So are booklets. Cause he's an idiot. You know, like that's PSI. I felt that side from the deepest part of my body. I know that side. I know where that comes from. As a black woman, I've had to do that. And I just, the whole thing was so upsetting, so upsetting. And so by the time the vote came, I was just like, I was ready for that. I was ready for these people to be disrespectful. And because they were already disrespectful, they were disrespectful her face. So being [00:23:00] disrespectful while she's watching them on TV was like, no, You know what I mean? Cause I Alexandra: totally, I totally get that, that, that it's. Lenya: Oh my God. And then, you know, another thing that bothered me about after the, after this like the week between the hearings in the boat on Tik TOK, specifically, there were all these awful black men making these horrible comments about how her and Vice-president Harrison married to a white men. And how, you know, what is this message sent sending to black girls and a lot of black women I'm so proud of black women coming to the defense saying it's saying that they go with it. Right. They go where they're loved and appreciated, and that if we felt loved and appreciated more within our own community, maybe this wouldn't happen so much then something happened. I think it, I don't remember if it was the beginning of this week or the end of last week, but there was a a white only fans model [00:24:00] stabbed to death, her black girlfriend. I mean, Blackboard. And it was, it's all over the news now in Florida in Miami. And he, and he would make these horrible disparaging remarks about black women saying how, you know, he hated them, how they just very disrespectful things and it was on Twitter. So, you know, Twitter lives forever. You know, you cannot get rid of that shit, even if you tried. And so of course, everybody's bringing up his tweets now and his family because she wasn't charged and she was let go. And the very next day she's having drinks in the bar, in her building. So the family of the black man is asking the black community to help them to help them get justice for them. Family member. I just felt terrible. I feel terrible for the family, but at the same time, I also definitely side with the black women in the community. And a lot of black men saying, well, you know, this is white people [00:25:00] business. Yeah. And you know, we're always telling them to stay out of black people business. So we're staying out of your business. Now, handle your business, handle your business. I'm sorry that this happened, but we're sitting it out. We're sending it out. So it's just so interesting. All of this is going on. It seems like it's back to back to back to back to back. And I don't feel like I've gotten any rest as a black woman dealing with all of this. Alexandra: since 2020, when. When w white people woke and I'm putting woke and question marks and being ironic about that. But the idea is that now we're in this, the great unlearning, but also the great learning, but also as things have heightened, the crescendo of shit that has, that has happened and in this country has gotten harder. And more of it's on social media. So it's 24 7. Yep. It's it's [00:26:00] I can only, I'm exhausted, but I'm not a black person. Like every time, every time I think I'm tired. I always remember what you say to me is yeah, but you can be tired and go away. Like I can't be tired and go away. I'm a black woman. Like it just, that doesn't happen. And so I'm cognizant of that that I try to get through my own exhaustion, you know, of oh my God, it's another it like this just, it's another sucky thing. It's another sucky thing. And it's, it's exhausting. And. I, I feel you. I feel you. Lenya: Thank you. I feel seen, which is the most important things, right? Because I think that's part of the problem is that we just don't feel seen. Absolutely. Alexandra: All right. So everybody, we hope you enjoyed the show today. We'll be back soon with another episode of women bridging the gap. Lenya: And hopefully we are going to have a guest I'm [00:27:00] working on something. All Alexandra: right. Well, I'm excited for that. All right. Well, find us womenbridgingthegap.com and wherever you get your podcasts, and you can find Linnea on Tik TOK and all over the place. Lenya: Bye

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February 03, 2021

Formula 1 with SteF1

The all F1 episode is finally here! Lenya brought on Steph from the All About SteF1 YouTube channel to school Alexandra on all the drama, drivers, trophies, and shenanigans that is the wild world of Formula 1. It’s not just race cars though. These women also discuss how race is and isn’t represented in motorsports, just as how femininity is also notably missing, as well as the ecological impact of the cars and the transportation to make this “worldwide” sport happen. From Steph’s YouTube description: “Hi all! I am Steph and welcome to my little corner of the internet where I talk about all things motorsport! I am obsessed with F1, so that's the main one, but stay tuned for more content coming on lower formulas, Formula E and MotoGP! :) :)” Links from our discussion: [All About SteF1 - YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/c/AllAboutSteF1/featured) [Formula 1: Drive To Survive - Netflix](https://www.netflix.com/title/80204890) -- Please **rate and review** this podcast if you enjoyed it; reviews greatly help new listeners see this podcast is worth their time. You can find Women Bridging the Gap on [Apple Podcasts](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/women-bridging-the-gap/id1521503012) and [Podchaser](https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/women-bridging-the-gap-1304390). **We want to hear from you!** Let us know how you’re speaking about these issues with your friends. **Let us know what topics you want to hear!** Join the [Facebook Group](https://www.facebook.com/groups/665585734389981) Email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) You can find us at: [WomenBridgingtheGap.com](https://womenbridgingthegap.com) Or on Instagram: * Find Lenya at: [@Lenya_goddess_the_one](https://www.instagram.com/lenya_goddess_the_one) * And Alexandra at: [@a_xandra17](https://www.instagram.com/a_xandra17) and [@thewritingleap](https://www.instagram.com/thewritingleap) * And the show is at: [@women_bridging_the_gap](https://www.instagram.com/women_bridging_the_gap/) This podcast was edited by Brendan Hutchins from Podcast Advocate. Go to [PodcastAdvocate.Network](http://PodcastAdvocate.Network) or find him on [Twitter @PodcastAdvocate](https://twitter.com/podcastadvocate) to learn more. ...